Our Fall Paradise At Oberg Mountain

On September 22nd my husband and I took the fall trip of a lifetime! We packed up our hiking gear and set coarse to Oberg Mountain in Tofte Minnesota. The main trails weren’t too difficult to hike but some trails were more challenging than others. Every once in a while, there would be points where you would come out to a clearing and look over what seems to be the entire world with the most colorful views!

If anyone has been here at this time, you can attest that this place is breathtaking in the fall as the colors are peaking for the season.

My favorite lookout spot was lookout number three. At this view you could see Lake Superior, the surrounding mountains, and Lake Oberg! This was my favorite because it was the lookout with the most fall colors!

Further down the trail is a little lake surrounded by the mountains.

Oberg Lake

We saw a lot of grouse today. Every once in awhile you would see them crossing the trail, on the ground, or in a tree.

Before you know it, the sun began to fade away and it started to get a little foggy. The woods got a little more dull and grey but the happy memories remained when walking out from the trail.

This hike was unbelievable! It’s my favorite hike that I’ve done so far and I’m not even exaggerating a little! Perfect for my last hike of this season!

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