My Keto Journey

I’ve been on the Keto lifestyle for a little over two months now. I’ve lost 24 pounds and I feel great. Since I started this way of life, I feel more energized and motivated to do certain things that used to be non-negotiable before.

This is what I typically eat during the day:

9AM: Coffee with Whipping cream

12PM: (I typically fast until noon. Sometimes I fast for longer.) Eggs and Bacon

7PM: I have some kind of meat- chicken, salmon, pork chops, etc. I add a veggetable and either a pickle or a avocado.

I will ocassionally have some snacks during the day like pork rinds, black olives, and almonds.

For those that don’t know about the Keto diet, macros are important to track. These include protein, fats, and carbohydrates. To track these macros I use an app called Carb Manager. This serves the purpose of a food journal so you can enter in what you eat. This keeps you 100% motivated and focused when making meal and snack choices.

I also test for ketones. There are different ways to do this. I test for ketones by way of urine. You can find these strips at Walmart and other places. Other people test their blood for ketones.

Supplements that I use everyday is the Keto Beam Electrolyze and Micro-Boost. These help with some of the Keto flu symptoms and muscle cramps. I take only a half cap full of each daily. These make a huge difference!

I understand that this isn’t for everyone but it was recommended by a doctor of mine to do a low carb diet. I decided to do keto which is still low carb (20g or less of carbs a day) but this eliminates sugar and incorporates good fats.

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