Tettegouche State Park

The High Falls of Tettegouche State Park

Tettegouche is located in Silver Bay Minnesota up the north shore of Lake Superior. This was an amazing drive when looking out to the lake and flower filled ditches. One particular wild flower is the Lupine. Lupines grow in clusters and bloom in different shades of purple. These are quite lovely to look at.

Lupines of the North Shore

When getting into the park you will need to buy a permit to park your car. There are a few different trails you can explore. We went on the trail that goes beyond the road to visit the High Falls.

Once you get to the falls area, there are 83 stairs down and it gets little steep.

When you get down the stairs safely, you will see why it was worth the trip! The water fall is captivating!

The water fall wasn’t the only beautiful sight, it’s surroundings were amazing too! The flowers and insects were a sight to behold.

After visiting the falls, its 83 stairs back up to the trail and trust me…. I was glad I didn’t do leg day before this workout!

But all in all, it was a fascinating hike and was quite the jaunt out in the woods. Because of bear spottings in the area, I would recommend that you bring some bear spray or another kind of protection with you. It’s pretty far out and you don’t want to play a game of who can run the fastest with a mama bear protecting her cubs!

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